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By  way  of a brief  introduction my name is Lana Citron. Originally from Ireland, I  have lived in London for  more years than I’ll ever  admit to. I am a writer, the author of five novels, a non-fiction book, short stories, radio plays (broadcast on BBC Radio 4), poetry and film scripts. I regularly perform at various literary salons and festivals in London and across England, (you may even have seen me at Glastonbury!).  A trained actress, I have also performed as a stand up comedian; an  experience I  truthfully, (albeit painfully) recreated in my comic detective novel, The  Brodsky Touch.

Also as you will no doubt have guessed, I am passionate about the  kiss – a most mercurial gesture that affects every facet of our lives. Such is my  fascination my 6th book and first non-fiction is a comprehensive exploration of the kiss.

A Compendium of Kisses was  published in February 2010 and  has  since spread to Europe and across to the States.

‘an intellectual and indulgent  treat; every  dip will  prompt a  smile, a  shock or  perhaps even a  thrill. This is a wonderful and comprehensive book on all things osculatory.’ The  Economist

Kiss Curious  - to find out more?

The Confessions of a diehard romantic – an array of musings, confessions, short stories and facts. (Not for the feint of heart!)

What’s in a  Kiss? Find out what kissing means to acclaimed authors,  Howard Marks author of  Mr. Nice,  Zoe Margolis author of  Girl with a one track mind and  Monique Roffey, author  of, With the Kisses of His Mouth – just some of the people with whom I  shared a  kiss or two (metaphorically  speaking!)  at  Standon Calling, 2011.

Lucky enough to be one of Anthony Gormley’s chosen few  watch me blow   kisses  atop the 4th Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square

Before being consumed by the kiss……    Critics referred to my work as, ‘Romance  for  anti romantics…’  Check out my other non osculatory books

‘Make UP  or  Break UP? Choose from a  selection of limited edition Kiss  cards.