Sucker presents the female perspective on the battle of the sexes, taking the reader on a warped ride through London in the  1990’s and the lives of four very different characters playing the dating game and struggling to understand the meaning of love.

Sucker is remarkable for the emergence of a brave new prose stylist. Citron’s use of language is brutal, impassioned and sparse. Her ruthless, dissection of banalities and clichés, and ear for poetic scansion are deployed to create long passages of cleverly sustained free-association which also serve to further the story of her anonymous girl in the crowd. Her boldness makes for an invigorating read. The Independent on Sunday

‘Citron’s writing is completely fresh … Slangy ,  alliterative  streams of consciousness bleed into  straight prose, littered  with  quick,  effective  descriptions.. On  top of this  each  of her  characters has a distinct  styles to themselves. It  may sound exciting but it works.’ The Times

‘Romance   for  anti romantics…  Citron’s  straight  talking  style  and uncompromising  approach  to male/female relationships is the ideal  antidote if you’re  schmaltzed up to the  eyeballs.’ Cosmopolitian

Sucker  stands out  from other  urban twenty-something novels  for its  genuinely  witty and original  writing.’ Literary Review‘Citron has a very sharp eye for the rules and manipulations of the sex war. She’s idiosyncratic, clever and, like her name, full of zest.’ The Observer

‘Lana Citron’s Sucker is, by contrast, a lively and absorbing collection of linked narratives. The setting is the druggy London of the Nineties, and the prose is occasionally chopped up into hallucinogenic fragments of free verse, as if reflecting the characters’ disconnected states.  Citron’s recording eye rarely misses a trick. This novel is a wicked but affectionate satire, perfectly symmetrical in its prejudices.’ The Daily Telegraph

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