The Brodsky Touch

The Brodsky Touch

- Opposite of  Midas  – where  everything one touches turns to shit -

Issy Brodsky is back with a vengeance   – albeit not even her own.

Agent provocateur and lone parent  of Max, Issy Brodsky  is a woman on a  mission…   this time  to make it  as  stand up  comic … Superstardom  beckons but  it’s a  rocky road to success and there’s much to contend  with; the ties of motherhood, day job, undermining  boyfriend, a  nemesis, (the  younger, prettier  stand-up),  not to  mention  the odd  psycho…

‘A sassy sequel…  a heroine in the same  mould as  Janet Evanovich’s New Jersey  bounty hunter,  Brodsky is  a ballsy  do-gooder taking psychotics in her  stride. Her  calamity filled capers are full of humorous  twists. Independent

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