Dickie Greenleaf Kisses

Dickie Greenleaf Kisses

(aka Jude Law from the Talented Mr Ripley….)

I cast myself as the Italian girl, the one who loved too fiercely, too foolishly. This man, Dickie provoked a torment within such that I was willing lost.  If Marge was his porcelain divinity, I was the opposite, dark earth, musky, febrile and as such yielded plentifully; too plentifully and hence… well if you haven’t seen the film, there was no other option than that taken.

In my telling of the story, I am in their villa, helping my older sister who cleans for them. She is in the kitchen preparing the evening meal and has warned me against him, made me swear to keep my eyes lowered.

I am upstairs in the bedroom, shaking a freshly laundered cotton sheet over their bed, when Mr Greenleaf walks in. My eyes are lowered. A promise kept – so he lies down and looks up at me. It is hardly an original scene and subsequently played over and over…

A ferocious storm passed between us, each illicit occasion stamped with branding, bruising kisses, baciare co’denti – my lips charred with love.

Dickie tasted of the sea.

& I fell into him.

See what goes around comes around. So when his time came, there I was ready to meet him as he sank to his watery grave.

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