The Kiss Off -To dismiss or reject.

The Kiss Off

An unwelcome type of pucker from the receiver’s point of view, this kiss is often accompanied by the feeling of being shafted, thwarted or dumped upon from an inglorious height. Yet, this kiss is usually given in a most sophisticated fashion, (albeit as a dagger point slowly dragging across your skin before it punctures your heart –). The bearer has the upper hand, a hold upon you, some sort of control, be it emotional, physical or financial.

Calmly and succinctly, they proffer this kiss; this kiss that cannot be refused, avoided or answered. A kiss of contempt it will irrevocably alter everything, whatever the situation or context. There is only one loser, you.  I empathize, I am you. We are all of us, you.

A vile perversion of an otherwise sublime act, the receiver is muted, there is nothing reciprocal about this kiss. Still, you will sit – present with the bearer and they might claim that nothing has changed, (irreparably, oh how irreparably…), and that it is not personal, just the way of things…

You will most likely nod in agreement; you may extend your hand, offer your other cheek. Swathed in pretence you will retreat, adorned perhaps by a most brittle smile.

Be warned, this parasitical kiss may get under your skin, it will itch and irate,  remedied only by the passing of time.