Getting Lippy – Barbie-fied beauty or a barbarity of taste?

Lips… oh lips, the physical beauty of lips – instrumental in the act of kissing, their  shape,  width, pillow softness… elemental to the sublime nature of the kiss.

YET the perversion of this modern age is for an identikit set to be worn by an ever-increasing number of women. A most disturbing trend.

Known as the Trout Pout, these lips are ill fitting and often too large for the face they sit plumped up upon. Unmoving, they have a tendency to clash with  one’s natural proportions. This plastic-fantastic look has suckered in far too many –’Madam, it does not suit you. It so rarely suits you….’

Hollywood starlets, actresses, anchorwomen, wags, slags, ladies who lunch, ladies of the realm, sister-in-laws, sisters-in-arms, I beg you all heed well these words, enough already!

This practice is an enemy of the serious kisser. It is altering rather than enhancing and worst of all affects the sensitivity of the lips.

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